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We customize ASO services to achieve quicker downloads from the Play Store and App Store for your intended audience. Select us as your App Store Optimization Company because we use the best SEO and ASO strategies to promote apps for higher rankings & organic downloads

App Store Optimization Services India – Hire Us For Mobile Marketing

App store optimization has become an integral part of the success of mobile applications. An effective App Store Optimization (ASO) service helps to boost app visibility and improve downloads by ensuring that it stands out among competing apps on the App Store.

With effective ASO, you can reach out to more potential customers, drive user engagement, increase store page views, and ultimately boost app downloads. At Edify Media, we provide comprehensive App Store Optimization services to ensure that your app stands out from the competition.

Businesses nowadays rely on mobile applications (Apps) to reach out to a wide range of customers. At Edify Media, an App Store Optimization Company in India, we understand the importance of getting your business mobile app ready for the app store. However, conceptualizing, creating, designing, and developing a mobile app is only half the battle. The success of your smartphone app is determined by the user experience, which necessitates the use of proper mobile app advertising or ASO marketing.


Our App Store Optimization (ASO) Services Include a wide range of optimization techniques that help increase the visibility and ranking of mobile apps in app store search results leading to more downloads and engagement and ultimately improving the app’s revenue.

Google Play Store

We can assist you with Google Play Store optimization so that your application appears near the top of the search results. We can make sure you have a good icon, screenshots of the application, good descriptions of the application, and much more.

Iphone App Store

We can assist you with iPhone app store optimization. Many people use iPhone App Store so it is important to make sure that everything is ready, including the description, keywords, and screenshots. Allow us to assist you in quickly increasing downloads and customers.

Windows App Store

Although there aren't many people who use Windows-based phones, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have your application there. We can assist you with everything, including descriptions, screenshots, and keyword placement for the windows app store.


40% of smartphone users browse for apps in the app store. Therefore, your app store presence plays a crucial part in your app’s success. The process of ASO marketing can benefit your organization in this regard. Our process at Edify Media is designed in a way, to maximize your profits. The salient features of our SEO strategy include:

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Requirement and Competition Analysis
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Robust App Building
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App Title Optimization
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Keyword Targeting
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Optimized Ratings
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App Desc That Sells
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More Downloads
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Tracking & Maintenance


We’ve developed customized app store SEO strategies throughout the years to assist apps in growing their audience, Rankings, and downloads, which is not achievable with standard, formulaic methods of app store


Meraki group has been a conglomerate in the fields of Real Estate Sector, Sport Services & Food / Beverages. Our mission is to lead in all the sectors we are in and to service the UAE

Dental Works Clinic

Meraki group has been a conglomerate in the fields of Real Estate Sector, Sport Services & Food / Beverages. Our mission is to lead in all the sectors we are in and to service the UAE


Edify Media’ goal is to increase the number of downloads and user engagement for your app. We turn your ideas into cutting-edge digital solutions and engaging mobile experiences.

Why Choose Our Dedicated ASO Agency For Your Mobile Application Needs?

Edify Media – Top rated App store optimization Company India provides the best assistance. Rather than devoting days to making strategic and structural changes to your app, we focus on providing actionable insights through effective app marketing.

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We use CRM tools to help build and manage relationships with our clients by providing updates on daily tasks. The tool is simple & easy-to-use.

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We understand the importance of a personal touch which is why we provide a dedicated account manager for better coordination and communication.

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Our daily, weekly & monthly
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what is planned for the coming months.

Things You Should Know Before Opting ASO Services

Boost your impressions, click-through, and revenues with our app store optimization services India. We assist in increasing your app's visibility and search ranking in app stores by optimizing keywords, localization, and app rating. More visibility means more downloads and better chances of success for the app.

What is App Store Optimization Services?

What Is An SEO Company?

How Does ASO Services Work?

How Does An SEO Company Work?

Why is App Store Optimization Service Required?

What are The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company?

Who Can Use App Store Optimization Service?

Who Can Take Services From An SEO Experts Agency?

How Much Does App Store Optimization Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An SEO Company?

App store optimization services are designed to help boost the visibility of mobile applications on app stores. It increases your app’s presence in search results, resulting in more downloads and better user engagement. ASO services help a company gain visibility, track their performance on the app store, and find out what works best for their mobile applications. With an effective App store optimization services India company, you can get more downloads and increase customer engagement.

As thousands of apps are launched every day, an effective ASO service is essential to ensure that your app stands out from the competition. Whether it’s an iOS or Android app, our ASO professionals can help you get the most out of your apps.

App Store Optimization (ASO) services work by using data-driven strategies to rank higher in app store search results. These strategies Include optimizing the app title, description, keywords, Icon design, screenshots, and ratings & reviews. ASO begins with keyword research to identify the best keywords that will provide maximum visibility. Our experts also analyze competitors’ apps to see what works best for them and apply similar strategies for your mobile application.

We also take into account local search trends, demographics, and other factors that may influence the visibility of your app. This helps us create an effective ASO strategy for your app that will get you the maximum visibility on the App Store.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is an essential part of mobile marketing and can be a key factor in the success of any app. ASO Involves optimizing apps to help them rank higher in app store search results and thus increase visibility, downloads, and ultimately revenue.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing competition both within and outside of the App Store, it has become essential for apps to be marketed effectively or they risk becoming lost in a vast tide of competitors. This is where Optimization Services provider can help.

experienced and skilled App Store Being an experienced app store optimization company, we specialize in providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed in the increasingly competitive mobile space.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Services are designed to help mobile app developers and marketers boost the visibility of their applications on the App Store and Google Play. It has become a key tool for successful mobile marketing, as it helps apps rank higher in search results and consequently increases downloads, user engagement, and overall revenue.

ASO services are available to any app developer, regardless of their size or budget. Small businesses and indie developers can benefit from cost-effective ASO packages that optimize their apps by making sure it’s visible to potential users.

Having a strong presence in the App Store or Google Play can give any company a competitive edge and create a unique opportunity to reach customers.     

The cost of App Store Optimization (ASO) services in India varies depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Generally, the cost can range between around 37278.00 and 124260.00 per month, or more. Factors to consider when budgeting for ASO services include the type of project (eg, app launch versus ongoing optimization), the size of the app (number of app updates, number of languages, etc.), and the services desired (keywords research, ASO copywriting, localization, etc.).

To maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your ASO services, it’s important to choose an experienced provider like Edify Media that offers high-quality services at competitive rates. Additionally, most agencies and consultants offer free consultation services prior to signing any contracts.

Businesses That Have Benefitted From Our app store optimization Services

Social Networking

ASO has benefited the social networking industry by increasing visibility, driving traffic, and boosting user engagement, by making it easier for people to find and download social networking apps and improving the overall user experience


App store optimization has benefited the gaming industry by increasing the visibility and downloads of games, leading to higher user engagement and revenue for game developers and publishers.


App store optimization (ASO) has benefited the e-commerce industry by making it easier for users to find and download relevant apps, Increasing visibility and driving more traffic to e- commerce apps

Taxi Booking

ASO has benefited the taxi booking Industry by Increasing the visibility and downloads of taxi booking apps, leading to higher user engagement and revenue for taxi companies and app developers.

Health & Fitness

ASO has benefited the Health & Fitness industry by increasing the visibility and downloads of health and fitness apps, leading to more engagement and ultimately better health outcomes for users


ASO has benefited the education industry by increasing the visibility and downloads of educational apps, making it easier for students and educators to access and use educational resources on mobile devices


We streamline the complete process of customer feedback by viewing and collecting it in one place. Encourage your customers to share the business experience with you online with the help of this data


ASO has benefited the travel industry by increasing the visibility and downloads of travel apps, leading to higher user engagement and revenue for travel companies an app developers.


Do you want to improve your app visibility and downloads? You are on the right path, Edify Media is a leading app optimization company in India that offers fully planned app optimization at an affordable cost. For each problem, our professionals design a customized solution. We have nothing but our clients’ satisfaction in mind when providing App search optimization services. For systematic mobile app advertising/marketing, contact Edify Media – Best Digital Marketing Agency. We would be happy to show you all of our features and information in detail. Please feel free to choose a time to speak with us based on your availability!

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