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We are an experienced mobile app development company in India, specializing in creating high-quality apps that deliver a consistent experience across diverse portable devices. Edify Media Private Limited provides comprehensive mobile app development services, from concept to delivery that is customized to your needs and, most importantly, put your company at the forefront.

Mobile App Development Company India: Build Customized Mobile Apps

Get end-to-end services for developing mobile apps from India’s top mobile app development company. In today’s digital age, mobile usage is crucial for businesses. According to Digital 2019, 56% of website traffic is generated through mobile phones. If your business provides services or products, having a mobile app is essential to attract these customers.

At Edify Media Private Limited, we take pride in offering the best mobile app development services by staying current with the latest trends. Our creative team is ready to build a customized mobile app tailored to your business.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are welcome to contact Edify Media Private Limited, as we have the knowledge and skills necessary to create an interactive app that is robust, functional, and tailored specifically for your company. Some of the services we offer include Android app development, flutter app development services, healthcare mobile app development, e-commerce app development, and more.

Whether it’s a hybrid, iOS, Android app, or flutter app development, we have all the mobile app development solutions for your app requirements.

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Get the Best Mobile App Developers That Make Your Business Accessible

Our mobile app developers possess all the necessary experience and expertise in building mobile business solutions that meet modern marketing requirements. Establish a universal brand identity and grow your sales and revenue with our mobile app development services in India:

Native App

Want your mobile app to dominate on a dedicated platform or device? Get our native mobile app development services in India that align with your business and security needs.

Hybrid Mobile App

Make your mobile app widely available for customers on all platforms with our hybrid app services. Our cross-platform services work brilliantly in different environments thanks to our result-driven approach.

Mobile Web App

Get native mobile app-like features and reach customers anytime with an app that works on the mobile browser. With the latest languages, tools, and frameworks, we deliver a robust web app as per your requirements.


Front-End Development

We design and develop an easy-to-use interface maximizing the user experience with our front end mobile development services. Build an app your users will love with
Edify Media Private Limited.


Back End Development

We manage the application in real time with our backend app development services. Ensuring everything works behind the scenes and that the app performs well, we ensure all the backend standards with modern practices.

Node js

Our mobile app Development services for all platforms, devices, and audiences

Edify Media Private Limited custom and cutting-edge mobile app development services in India help you accomplish business goals. Keeping your target audience in mind, we develop an app that works comfortably on the platform targeted. We code app solutions by putting your services in front and keeping your messaging intact with the customers. We are the best mobile app development company in India developing app solutions of all kinds:

iOS App Development

With an increase in the usage of iOS, you must develop your business app for your iPhone customers. To develop a native iOS app, we use programming languages like Swift and Objective-C to get you that perfect application for the iOS platform. At Edify Media Private limited, we take benefits from the variety of device features that are accessible along with the inbuilt capabilities of the iPhone or iPad, while developing an application that can get you maximum downloads on the App store. Our custom mobile app development in India creates unique and dynamic applications taking advantage of the inbuilt capabilities of Apple devices and their contemporary technology. We also handle app upgrades, migration, support, and maintenance tasks apart from building, deploying, and testing your mobile app.


Android App Development

For our android app development process, we take in your requirements and develop an app that follows cutting-edge methodology. We code in programming languages such as Kotlin, and Java and utilize platforms such as Android Studio to develop your app. For your database management, we use Mongo DB and SQL and for the design process, XML is utilized. Getting end-to-end android app development services from the experts is all that is needed by a client and we do it right as we are the best mobile app development company in India. We focus on building and deploying and as add-on support to you, we provide our strategies to maintain the application. We strive at delivering the best android apps that get you the downloads on Google Play Store. All this is possible as we focus on using cutting-edge technologies and creative designs to create the best possible robust application ready to perform on any Android device. 


Cross-platform App Development

You want your apps to be on all app stores, right? If that’s the plan, you must develop a hybrid app. Top mobile app development companies like Edify Media Private limited, help your business reach all platforms as we develop and then release your hybrid app on all popular mobile app platforms. For a wider reach audience, developing a robust hybrid mobile app must be your goal. Our dedicated mobile developers at Edify Media Private limited, code a hybrid app in DART and leverage the Flutter framework and then release it on target mobile app platforms. If you want your app downloads to boost and your customers to access your business products and services through phone, then Edify Media Private Limited is the best choice as we are a top mobile app development company in India. 


Benefits of Obtaining Our Full Stack Mobile Development Services

With a client retention rate of 92%, our services at Edify Media Private Limited, a leading mobile application development company in India, are highly regarded by our clients. Not only do we produce high-quality, full-stack app solutions, but we also make the whole process convenient for our clients. We have strong reasons as to why we’re always able to deliver on the client’s promise:

Newest Tech

For providing our clients with the app they desire, we use the latest tech tools, software, and suitable programming languages.

Flexible App Solutions

We ensure that the client website performs well on mobiles, tablets, and other devices and offers a positive and Flexible user experience.

Dedicated Team of Developers

Your app will be developed by our dedicated team of mobile app developers, making it easier for us to provide you with updates.

Tailored Solutions

Every business has different problems, with our mobile app services, we craft a bespoke app that’s specific to the business’s requirements.

On time Delivery

We achieve our targets on time and no matter the complexity of the project, we’ve always completed our client projects on time.

Improved Branding

With our customized solutions, we develop an app that personifies your brand and your business values.

Continuous App Update

We ensure that your app never becomes outdated and implement frequent updates to keep the app up and running.

Maintenance & Support

We maintain the app and provide relevant support services to acknowledge any of your queries and update.


We are a multi-award-winning mobile app development company in India that creates functional and robust apps to meet customer needs. Our team of programmers uses the right programming languages and is familiar with the newest tools and technology to create fine apps that keep and attract new clients to businesses. Serving businesses in 32+ nations and with a client retention rate of 92%, we have the experience and expertise to deliver results.

Quality UX & UI Design

With our UI & UX services, your customers are bound to have a lasting impression. With your business vision in mind, we create an app that is appealing and allows your clients to use it for a longer period while providing a pleasant experience.

All in house expert team

We have all the resources and therefore, we don't outsource anything. At Edify Media Private Limited, we take great pride in developing a talented, tech-savvy, and knowledgeable team that is up to date with the latest development tools and technologies that can deliver any client project on time.

Tested Code

We ensure that the code is thoroughly tested before it is released. Our best app development company in India checks the code for errors or bugs. Multiple tests are conducted to ensure that the application is robust and works for various cases and situations.

Economical Support

With our mobile app development services in India, you get an app at a reasonable price. Compared to the market, we deliver finer quality apps at a budget-friendly price thanks to our firm process that makes development cost-effective.


A modernized, customized app with a focus on creativity and functionality is what our mobile app development business in India can deliver to you. We provide top-notch mobile apps with your objectives and target audience in mind.

Customized Solutions

We listen, and we develop. We carefully understand your business and competition and then develop a customized solution. Whatever your business niche may be, we are ready to deliver as we are a quality mobile app development company in India.

Project Management

We care for our client projects and understand that every project is customized. For personalized attention and communication, we assign a project manager for each development project. This allows smooth communication between the client and us.

Client Support

Our work is not over after launching your app. An app is a continuous process, and we provide consistent app updates and support for our clients. We provide 24/7 support for all our clients so that you get the necessary support when you need it the most.

How Does Our App Development Process Work?

It is through our process that we define our work. For improving your ROI, and product integrity, and display your services with ease of access for your customers, we follow this effective process:

Understand App Idea

We keep your requirements in mind, first and foremost. Being a premium mobile app development company, we discuss everything with you and understand your app vision. At Edify Media Private Limited- a mobile app development company in India, we study your business and your business domain. We provide you with a timeline, and budget and then guide you with the technical outline of the project.

Wireframe The Project

Once we get the exact idea of what you want in your app, we design the wireframe of the project. A wireframe introduces the clients to the rough app design that we develop using Coral Draw and Photoshop. This rough sketch idea tells the client what the app will look like and where and what the elements will be like.

Assess Mobile App's Technical Feasibility

After the design, we start looking for the best technology toolset to develop your app. After extensive discussion with you, we come up with the best tools, frameworks, and programming languages that can best design and develop your app. We only use the latest, industry-standard technical set to develop and fine-tune our client’s app.

Design The Interface

For your UI and UX execution, we, at Edify Media Private Limited, a top mobile application development company in India, design your pages on Figma Studio, and Sketch and deliver an app design that ensures a positive user experience. We create a stylish, yet breath design that can put your business on top

Development Phase

Keeping your target audience and platforms in mind, we begin coding your app project right away. Using optimum frameworks, libraries, programming languages, and platforms is our priority. We assure you of a robust app ready to perform on all platforms that can dominate any major app store.

Testing/Quality Assurance

For testing mobile applications, we check all major functionalities, including bugs, or errors in a mobile app. It goes through a rigorous process check so that it can perform optimally on any mobile platform. We implement manual as well as automated testing. For the testing process, we use Appium, Espresso, and other quality mobile APM tools being the leading mobile app development company in India.


Once the app is designed, developed, and tested, we roll out the final version of the app and make it live or available on app stores. Depending on your target app market, we release the app so that users can download and connect with your services and products with just one touch.p>

Support And Maintenance

Even when the app is on the mobile app store, we are ready for any changes and updates if you wish to get them done. Our app development company in India provides full support and maintenance services and keeps your app ready for the market at all times.

Coding Benchmarks We Follow

Your Trusted Mobile App Development Company

Do you want your app idea to be executed in the best way possible? You are on the right path, EZ Rankings a leading mobile app development agency in India that offers a full pattern of app design at an affordable cost. We’ve created several business apps for companies in many different countries.

We are your dependable app development partner, and we can create native or even cross-platform apps depending on your needs. Our developer is committed to fulfilling the needs of customers and delivering high-quality results. For each problem, our professionals design a customized solution. To receive your package and begin with professional app development services toward creating your complete business app, get in touch with our custom mobile app development in India today.


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Costing depends on several factors like number of pages, functionality. To get basic understanding about our plans, please visit us at . Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +123456789

Totally depends on the website being built. The Minimum maintenance is for 30 days & can extend upto 90 days on complex platforms. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 /

Yes, we do offer assistance with domain registration & Website Hosting services. However, this will be billed additional. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +00123456789

It depends on what you are getting designed & developed. Everything that we make for you is custom & with lots of passion. Please talk to the expert to understand more about time. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 /

Development only starts after design is approved! Once the design elements are approved, we do share the link to our testing server for you to track the progress. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +00123456789

Yes, we do take care of SEO Elements like mobile friendliness & Meta customization features. For more details about our plans, please check here. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +023456789

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