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Edify Media can help you boost online sales of your store with customized E-commerce SEO services. Achieve more revenue with E-commerce campaigns directed toward your target audience. Find solutions to increase the sales of your online business with our experienced, result-driven E-commerce SEO company. We’ve helped E-commerce businesses get discovered, and achieve the visibility they deserve. With Edify Media, you can be where your customers are, and in the process, boost online sales and revenue.

Ecommerce SEO Services - Drive Sales Through Online Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for any ecommerce business looking to drive more sales.
Ecommerce SEO services help your store become visible on search engines, helping you reach potential customers and give them the information they need to make informed purchases. With Edify Media best Ecommerce SEO services in India, you can ensure that your products are always seen by the right people at the right time. Our team of experts will help optimize your website content and structure so that it ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic and increasing conversions. We also provide comprehensive keyword research, link-building strategies, local SEO services, technical audits, and much more – all tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With our help, you can make sure that customers find what they’re looking for with ease – boosting visibility online while growing revenue in real life! We are the best Ecommerce SEO company in Raipur, India, committed to getting you the results you want in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our team of experts has years of experience driving excellence and more sales for your business.


Want more traffic to your website?
We know how to drive long-term growth by acquiring the top position every time someone searches for your product or service.

National SEO

If you are looking to bringing clients from all over the world, then we can help you with that as well. We will work hard to ensure that your site is fully SEO compliant

Local SEO

If you want to make your website local SEO compliant, then we can help you with this. We will be able to make your site linked with the keywords for the area

SEO For Startup

No matter how large your business is we can help you with all of your SEO needs. What you would need as a startup or small business and help you to grow it easily.

Link Building

We can help you to come up with some of the best links for your site through some of the best methods, including working with other popular sites.

No two Ecommerce businesses are different and we understand that. Therefore, our team of SEO experts will assess your website to design a custom SEO strategy that is aligned with your business goals and budget. The SEO strategies are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. To start preparing the SEO strategy, we begin with a competition analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This allows us to tailor our approach to maximize your ecommerce website’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

With years of experience in offering the best ecommerce SEO services, we understand the importance of creating compelling content that resonates with customers. We will create high-quality, relevant copy across different pages of your e-commerce. It’s part of our SEO strategy to ensure that your audience is engaged and persuaded, which will help boost conversions. We also provide comprehensive link- building strategies, local SEO services, technical audits, and much more all tailored to meet the unique needs of your Ecommerce business.

Competitor analysis is the process of reviewing your online business competitors, evaluating their SEO tactics, and using the insights gained to enhance your website’s SEO performance and move up in search engine rankings. In the world of business, whether big or small, there’s always competition to surpass. In search engine optimization, competitor research plays a vital role as It Involves understanding a competitor’s strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

If your aim is to boost your website’s visibility and outrank others in your industry, conducting an SEO competitor analysis becomes essential. This approach allows any business or SEO service providers to Identify potential opportunities and suggestions, and strengthen their online marketing strategy accordingly.

Then it comes to an Ecommerce SEO audit, EZ rankings is the best Ecommerce SEO company India offering a comprehensive audit report. We use advanced tools to scan your website, check for technical errors, and examine your competitors’ SEO strategies. Our team of SEO experts will then analyze the report and suggest improvements that you can make to increase traffic, boost your visibility in SERPS, and improve conversions.

We begin the audit by reviewing your website structure, content quality, technical aspects like page speed, and more. After the review is complete, our team will present you with a detailed report that highlights any errors and suggests areas for improvement. We will also discuss the best ways to optimize your on-page content, create a link-building strategy, and enhance your website’s overall performance.

At Edify Media, our team takes the audit process very seriously and focuses on finding the best possible solutions for your Ecommerce business. We take into account all of the latest SEO trends and industry standards to make the most for your business.

On-page optimization is the process of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. It is an important part of any SEO strategy, especially for ecommerce businesses that rely on organic search engine traffic to generate sales. On-page optimization helps ensure that your website is properly optimized for both users and search engine crawlers, making it easier to find and rank your content in SERPs. Without proper on-page optimization, you won’t be able to maximize the potential of your website or get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Our best Ecommerce SEO services cover a wide range of on-page SEO tactics, including optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, internal linking structure, and more. We also provide content optimization, keyword research and analysis, tagging optimization, and much more. We ensure that your website is properly optimized so you can get the most out of your SEO efforts and drive more organic traffic to your store. At Edify Media, we understand that on-page optimization is the foundation and our team does it the right way!

Product Optimization is an important component of Ecommerce SEO and involves optimizing product listings to make them search-engine friendly. Product optimization involves using the right keywords, descriptions, titles, Images, and other elements to improve the visibility of products in SERPs. It also includes optimizing product pages for customer sales funnels and improving user experience.

The majority of business owners make the mistake of uploading the default product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. This doesn’t help in getting found online and it may also create duplicate content issues. At Edify Media, our team of expert SEOs will optimize each product listing to make sure that your products are seen by potential customers and rank high on search engine results pages. Our product optimization services also include optimizing product URLs, adding structured data or rich snippets, optimizing meta tags and descriptions, and optimizing images and product reviews.

Our Ecommerce SEO services in India ensure that your products get the attention they deserve and maximize their potential. We make sure that your product listings are properly optimized so that your products can be easily found online.

At Edify Media, we have the experience and expertise to create customized SEO strategies for your ecommerce business. We take into account all of your goals and objectives before creating an action. plan that is tailored to meet your needs. Our team will review your website’s performance data, keyword research, competitor analysis, industry trends, and more. Then, we will create an action plan that is designed to help you get the most out of your SEO efforts. We will provide you with detailed insights on how to Improve your website’s visibility and performance in SERPs.

We also offer regular reporting so you can track your website’s progress over time. Our personalized action plan also includes best practices for on-page optimization, product optimization, content marketing, link building, technical SEO, and more. Our team also performs regular audits on your website to make sure that everything is working properly and that your website is always up-to-date with the latest Ecommerce trends. Get started with the best Ecommerce SEO company in India and get high rankings, more organic traffic, and increased sales today.

UI & UX Analysis is a way to make sure that websites are easy and fun to use. It looks at how it looks (UI) and how it works (UX). UI stands for User Interface, which means the design of the website like colors, shapes, images, buttons, and more. UX stands for User Experience which means how people feel when they use the website – if it’s easy or hard to do things on a website.

UI & UX Analysis helps websites be successful by making them enjoyable for users to interact with. Our best Ecommerce SEO services in India include UI/UX analysis to help you make sure your website is user- friendly and performing well. We also analyze the website’s structure and functionality to make sure it’s properly optimized for search engines.

We look at the design elements, page layout, navigation, and user experience to make sure your website visitors get the most out of their visits. We’ll provide you with an in-depth report on UI/UX and suggest ways to improve it. With our help, you can increase user engagement, conversions, and overall website performance.

Content marketing is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. It helps to engage customers, increase brand visibility, and drive traffic to your website. With our Ecommerce SEO services in India, we create custom content to target your desired audience and help you reach your business goals. We create SEO-friendly content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to your products or services. Our content marketing services include creating blog posts, videos, social media posts, Infographics, and more. We also optimize your content with keywords to ensure that it reaches the right audience.

We focus on problem-solving and value-driven content that drives conversions. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with tailor-made content ideas and strategies. With effective content marketing, you can increase organic traffic to your website and improve your rankings in search engine result pages. Edify media is the best Ecommerce SEO company in India that provides comprehensive SEO solutions to help you get the most out of your online presence. With our experienced team, we offer customized strategies to engage customers better.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process of optimizing your website and its content to improve the conversion rate of visitors into customers. It involves researching, testing, analyzing, and improving various aspects of your website in order to increase conversions. This could include improving the design and layout of your landing pages, creating compelling calls-to-action, or optimizing for mobile devices. By Increasing conversions, you can boost revenue from existing campaigns as well as reduce the overall cost per acquisition (CPA).

At Edify Media we understand how important it is for businesses to have an optimized website that drives sales. We provide comprehensive CRO services that focus on driving more targeted traffic to your site while also increasing conversions.

Our team starts by understanding what’s working on your current website and then works with you to develop strategies that will help maximize results from every visitor who lands on the page. We conduct extensive research into user behavior data so we can identify areas where improvements can be made or additional opportunities exist.


We are confident that our diverse marketing services can help you thrive regardless of your target market or niche. Don’t worry about the size of your business because our affordable SEO services in Raipur, India will help you grow.
View our list of internet marketing services to learn how we may assist you:

Your Experts For All Major E-Commerce Platforms

We assist our clients with SEO on all the major E-commerce platforms. If your website is developed on any of the
modern-day E-commerce platforms, we sure can take your web presence to the next level with our personalized, contemporary E-commerce SEO services. Some of the platforms we provide E-commerce SEO services are:

Shopify E-commerce SEO Solutions

Currently, Shopify is the most popular E-commerce platform helping online stores deliver their products. We are a leading Shopify SEO company aiding clients to achieve more with website optimization. Templates, content, or code modifications, our E-commerce SEO experts are well-versed with Shopify and handle it daily. Our full-stack digital agency also provides Shopify development solutions which is why we have such an extensive idea of its development and optimization. Thus, we’re your experienced Shopify agency. At Edify Media , we don’t learn on the job but bring the results right away. We’ve worked with Shopify clients for a long time and we’re sure that we can leave you pleased as we’ve done so in the past for several clients.

Business Evaluation

Competitor Analysis

Target Market

WooCommerce SEO Services

One of the most popular WordPress plug-ins, this can enable a WordPress website to turn into a fully functioning E-commerce website. Often, WooCommerce is used for smaller product catalog websites. We can get you that page one ranking as we are experts at WordPress or WooCommerce. Be it optimization or design, we have complete knowledge of WooCommerce to deliver results for your business. Through our optimization process, your users will have one of a kind website experience. With on-page SEO, content optimization, and more, we can help your E-commerce website see the light of day and attract more customers.

Writing user-relevant content

Scanning the website for technical issues and fixing them

UI/UX experience.

Optimizing-The-Website (1)

Magento SEO Assistance

An open-source PHP-based E commerce platform, Magento powers many E-commerce websites. Since our inception, we’ve helped clients get the most out of their Magento websites. Our Magento SEO assistance includes optimization of heading tags, meta tags, code optimization, and various other tactics that help a website rank for its target keywords. We assure premium visibility and website traffic that helps our clients in growing their sales and revenue.

Generating high-quality content

Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO


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Things to Know Before Hiring An Ecommerce SEO Company

An E-commerce business finds stiff competition online. It’s the nature of any industry today, but this is more so for E-commerce. E-commerce businesses are consistently putting out products online but what sets them apart is marketing. Showing the right product to the right customer is an art that can be achieved organically with SEO. Therefore, E-commerce SEO can truly set a business apart from its competitors. Influencing the inside and outside website factors is what SEO is all about and E-commerce SEO is no exception.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

What Is An SEO Company?

How Does Ecommerce SEO Work?

How Does An SEO Company Work?

Why is Ecommerce SEO Required?

What are The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company?

Who Can Opt for Ecommerce SEO?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An SEO Company?

How Much Ecommerce SEO Company Charges?

Who Can Take Services From An SEO Experts Agency?

Ecommerce SEO is the process of optimizing an online store in order to achieve higher rankings for relevant keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By implementing effective SEO strategies, ecommerce businesses can improve their visibility in organic search results and drive more targeted traffic
to their websites. This increased visibility leads to more website visitors, which can result in more sales and conversions. Ecommerce SEO encompasses a wide range of factors such as keyword research, content optimization, link building, site architecture optimization, and technical optimization.

Each factor plays an important role in improving your website’s ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). When it comes to eCommerce SEO there are three main areas that you need to focus on: On-Page Optimization; Technical Optimization; Off-Page Optimization.

On-page optimization involves making sure that all pages have content that is optimized for both users and search engine crawlers by using appropriate title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text, and more. While technical optimization includes ensuring that the website’s code is clean and efficient so it loads quickly with
minimal errors or issues when being crawled by search engine bots.

The process of eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is complex and multifaceted. It can involve a range of strategies, such as optimizing website content, improving page structure and navigation, establishing backlinks to the website from other websites, and leveraging social media platforms to improve visibility.

Additionally, regularly tracking performance metrics will help monitor progress and highlight any areas that may need additional attention or improvement. The working of eCommerce SEO is divided into two main stages: on-page and off-page optimization. On-Page optimization involves making changes and improvements to the website itself. This includes optimizing page titles, headings, URLs, meta descriptions, and content for relevant keywords; ensuring the website’s structure is user-friendly and easy to navigate; and improving page speed, among other tactics.

Off-Page optimization is the process of building and maintaining relationships with other websites, to increase visibility and build trust in search engine algorithms. This includes link building, creating content for other websites, social media promotion, and reviewing user experience. Opt for the best Ecommerce SEO services which come with the right strategies and tactics, as well as the experience to tailor them to a particular business.

Ecommerce SEO is essential for any retail business that wants to be successful in the digital age. With online shopping becoming more popular than ever, businesses need to make sure their website and products are visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). By optimizing their ecommerce sites for search engines, companies can increase visibility and drive more traffic to their websites-which leads to higher sales and a better bottom line.

Ecommerce SEO involves optimizing product titles, descriptions, images, URLs, meta tags, alt text tags, and other elements of your website so they appear prominently in SERPs when users search for relevant terms related to your business or industry. This helps ensure customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily while also boosting organic rankings meaning you don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on your link as you do with paid advertising campaigns. Additionally, incorporating keywords into content throughout your site as well as creating helpful blog posts about topics related to those same keywords will help further boost organic visibility.

The majority of customers have already shifted to online shopping and now there is huge competition among eCommerce websites. This has made it necessary for them to make their website visible in the top search engine results. As such, investing in Ecommerce SEO is beneficial for businesses that have an online presence. It can help them to generate more leads and improve their online visibility. Ecommerce SEO is suitable for any business, whether it’s a large retail store or a small shop. It helps them to reach out to potential customers who are looking for their products or services. It can also help businesses to build customer loyalty and increase their sales.

Businesses with an online store should also invest in Ecommerce SEO if they want to stand out from the competition. This is because it helps them to target the right customers and improve their visibility in search engines. It can also help them to focus on specific customer needs and create content that is relevant to their target customers.

Charges for the best Ecommerce SEO services depend on the type of services required and the size of your business. Generally, most Ecommerce SEO companies charge a monthly fee for their services. This fee may be based on the size of your website or the number of keywords you need to be optimized. Some companies also offer hourly rates for additional services such as optimizing content and link building.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of Ecommerce SEO services. These include the company’s experience, reputation, and the amount of work required to optimize your website. It is important to discuss your needs with a qualified Ecommerce SEO professional in order to get an accurate estimate for services.

It is also important to consider the long-term benefits of Ecommerce SEO services. Investing in quality optimization can help you secure higher rankings in search engine results pages and increase your website’s organic traffic. This can result in increased sales and profits over time, making the cost of Ecommerce SEO services a worthwhile investment.


Our E-commerce SEO services are tailored, result oriented, and contemporary that deliver nothing short of extraordinary results for our clients. Not just experience but we have the required expertise and resources to implement SEO convincingly for any E-commerce business. Certain parameters make us who we are. Some of these factors are:


We carry an experience of 13+ years making us one of India’s most established E-commerce SEO company or firm. At Edify Media, we’ve handled many E-commerce client projects across the years. We’ve actively managed Ecommerce projects of all sizes in many countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India.

Tailored Strategy

At Edify Media, our initial effort revolves around understanding a client. This includes business knowledge, goals, constraints, etc. With this information, we craft a personalized strategy for a client that’s likely to give them better results.

Enhanced Visibility And Reputation

Certainly, with our result-driven, personalized process, we help our clients achieve increased visibility in the organic search rankings which leads to a better reputation. With our effective, and cutting-edge E-commerce SEO process we push our client’s products in front of their target customers.

Performance Tracking

Our daily, weekly & monthly updates help you to track progress of your website. Most importantly, these reports also show what is planned for the coming months. We track every activity of ours and keep a record of our performance. Not just this but for all the campaigns we produce, we generate reports that consist of all the data and metrics of our E-commerce SEO campaigns. We track our performance so that our efforts can be better directed, whereas, our clients receive all the necessary information.

Indusry Level Tools

or delivering results from our campaigns, we utilize some of the most effective and cutting-edge SEO tools. Even for communication with our clients, we use CRM tools to help build and manage relationships and provide an update on daily tasks. These tools are simple & easy-to-use and also help us give quality results.

Dedicated Project Manager

We understand the importance of a personal touch which is why we provide a dedicated account manager for better coordination and communication. With Edify Media, you get a single point of contact throughout the project assuring quality assistance and communication.

Boosted Sales

With all of our efforts, the impact created is large. Our holistic E-commerce SEO solutions impact sales and help businesses get more of it. Edify Media E-commerce SEO services generate more sales which lead to increased revenue all owing to the tailored, and modernized SEO services that we deliver for all of our clients.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is our priority, and our Project Managers are available during your working hours to ensure better communication. We provide exceptional customer support answering all your queries and keeping your doubts at bay. For any query that the client encounters, we are there 24/7 to resolve any of the issues.

How Does A Ecommerce SEO Company Help You?

When you work with the best Ecommerce SEO company, you can expect optimal results for your business. Ecommerce SEO services focus on optimizing the visibility of your website, including ranking higher in search engine result pages and driving more organic traffic to your online store. An Ecommerce SEO company can help ensure that your business is visible to the right audiences, thus increasing revenue. They will also use SEO best practices to ensure your website is optimized for user experience and search engine algorithms. Let’s look at how Edify Media can help your business grow:

An Ecommerce SEO company can help you increase your online visibility and organic traffic by optimizing your website for search engine algorithms. Our team of experienced SEO experts will help you create content that is SEO-friendly, from title tags and meta descriptions to keyword optimization. This will ensure your website appears higher in SERPs, thus driving more organic traffic to your online store.

We build quality backlinks that will further boost your website’s visibility and help it rank higher in SERPs. Our team understands the importance of credibility and will focus on building backlinks from reputable sources. Another way our company can increase your online traffic is through local SEO. We’ll optimize your website for specific geographical areas, so you can target local audiences and get more organic traffic.

With improved traffic, you can expect improved online sales and better customer engagement, thus helping your business grow. Moreover, with Edify Media, you can rest assured that your website is SEO-compliant and

Brand visibility is when people know about your business. It means that more people can see the products and services you offer. An Ecommerce SEO company can help make sure that your business is seen by many people, so it can get more sales and customers.

At Edify Media, we focus on optimizing your website for search engine algorithms and creating content that is SEO-friendly. For building higher brand visibility, our team of experts will create content that generates organic traffic, as well as build backlinks from credible sources.

We understand the importance of social media and will create campaigns that are tailored to your audience. This will help make sure your brand is seen by more people, thus increasing visibility and brand recognition. With our ecommerce SEO services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is seen by the right people, thus driving more sales and customers.

Attracting the right audience to your business is essential for success. With an Ecommerce SEO company in Raipur, India, you can target the audiences that are most likely to buy from you and make sure they see your products and services. By optimizing your website for search engine algorithms and creating content that is SEO-friendly, you can ensure that more people find out about your business. Moreover, building backlinks from reputable sources will further boost visibility and help bring in more targeted organic traffic.

Moreover, utilizing social media campaigns tailored to your audience can help increase brand recognition among potential customers. With these strategies in place, you can be assured of getting the right kind of attention for maximum sales conversion rates!

Edify Media is the best Ecommerce SEO company that can help you get the most out of your online business from the targeted audience. Drive more sales, targeted customers, and revenue with our SEO services!

Ultimately, what you want from any online business is increased sales and revenue. With Ecommerce SEO services from a reliable company like Edify Media, you can ensure your website appears higher in SERPs, thus driving more organic traffic to your store.

Our team of experienced SEO experts will help you create content that is optimized for search engine algorithms, as well as build backlinks from credible sources. We also utilize social media to maximize brand visibility and ensure your business is seen by more people.

All of this results in increased online sales and customers that are most likely to engage with you. With Edify Media, you can be confident that your website will achieve higher search engine rankings, thus driving more sales and revenue. We go the extra mile to ensure our services deliver the best results and help you get the most out of your online business. Contact us today and boost your sales with Edify Media!

Edify Media is dedicated to helping businesses grow and build long-term profit strategies. We understand that SEO is not just about getting quick results; it’s about taking a strategic approach to the future of your business. We create content that is optimized for search engine algorithms, as well as build backlinks from credible sources. Additionally, we utilize social media campaigns to maximize brand visibility and get your business seen by more people.

All of these techniques help you to get the most out of your online business, driving more organic traffic and increase sales and revenue. With our ecommerce SEO services, you can be assured of achieving long-term success with a sustainable profit strategy!

To gain a competitive edge and long-term success, contact Edify Media today and get the maximum out of your online business. Our experienced SEO professionals will help you achieve the best results from our E-commerce optimization services.

Why do you Need Ecommerce SEO Company?

You might be thinking why do I need to choose your services for my business? Well, the easiest answer is that we can help you with everything that has to do with eCommerce. We have the experience and the team that will make sure that all of the work is done and that everything is done above board. We can help you to ensure that
all of your products as well as content are SEO compatible and can be changed into sales.

Easy CRM Tools

We use CRM tools to help build and manage relationships with our clients by providing updates on daily tasks. The tool is simple & easy-to-use.

Dedicated Projects Manager

We understand the importance of a personal touch which is why we provide a dedicated account manager for better coordination and communication.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is our first priority, our Project Managers are available during your working hours to ensure better communication

Performance Tracking

Our daily, weekly & monthly updates help you to track the progress of your website and what is planned for the coming months.

Discover how we can help your business grow.

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