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Social media marketing is an effective way for companies of all sizes, to connect with clients. With our social media marketing services at Edify Media, we assist companies in increasing their social media authority by increasing engagement and interactions with their target market.

Best Local SEO Services: Enhance Your Visibility in Local Searches

Social media marketing services present a huge opportunity for businesses to sell their products and services effectively. From small startups to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, all can gain the benefits of our customized SMO services right here in India.

With over 4.89 billion people worldwide actively using social media as of 2023, the reach and potential for businesses are massive. At Edify Media, we look after our clients’ accounts on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more. We assist your brands to gain more online visibility on these social media platforms by using relevant and advanced social media marketing strategies. As a leading social media marketing agency in India, we have earned trust worldwide, boasting a remarkable client retention rate of 92%, with over 200+ satisfied clients.

By leveraging SMO services, businesses can reach out to their target demographic, build brand loyalty, and increase website visibility greatly. We create tailored social media strategies that align with your current advertising goals, giving you the competitive edge, you need.


Our social media optimization services include creating and managing accounts on various popular platforms, designing creative and appealing content that resonates with the target audience, and driving organic and paid traffic. We focus on increasing brand visibility, engaging with customers, and optimizing content for better search engine rankings.

No matter which industry you belong to—be it e-commerce, SaaS, B2B, or another sector entirely—Edify Media has the ideal social media optimization strategy for your enterprise. Our experienced team of social media will work closely with you to provide the most suitable SMO solution tailored to your brand’s unique needs. With years of experience in delivering reliable social media optimization, SMO services, Edify Media stands tall as one of the
premier social media marketing companies in India. We help you with social media marketing, and organic or paid campaigns to attract potential customers.

So, if you are looking for reliable social media advertising services, look no further than Edify Media. Contact us today and get the best social media marketing services at competitive prices! Let our experts help you maximize your social media presence and get the desired results

Empowering 100+ Agencies Across The Globe

Visits driven to clients’ websites annually

386.4+ Million

Pieces of content published annually


Sites audited each year


Campaigns ranked


Our Social Media Management Services

Profile Creation & Optimization

Local SEO auditing identifies the greatest areas for improvement & problems that are preventing you from achieving your full potential. We perform local SEO audits to find out where you now stand in terms of local SEO, gain valuable information & create a local SEO checklist

Local Search SEO

We create various buckets to diversify content and attract your target individuals while keeping the brand message and voice intact

Creative Strategy and Planning

To draw customers, out of the box, creative ideas are brainstormed and planned to develop a holistic strategy.

Paid Campaign Management

To aggressively promote your content or profile, paid campaigns are adopted and managed so that you can reach your target audience quickly.

Influencer Marketing

For increasing your brand reach, we open opportunities for collaboration with niche influencers thus, making your services or products widely available to audiences.

Community Management

By no means, Social media is a one-way conversation. Thus, to avoid this, we keep your social accounts active and respond to comments, and messages to engage the community.


Edify Media promises to produce outstanding results and improve your brand visibility, website traffic, and search engine rankings with Social Media Marketing Services in India.



Facebook is now used frequently by middle-aged and elderly people. By managing your paid ads within a certain budget and optimizing the profile and content to drive visitors organically to your page, we can assist your company in becoming well-known on Facebook.


At least 145 million people around the globe actively use Twitter daily. We can help you attract your target audience by devising custom strategies and execution activities. Our social media team is well-versed in the Twitter promotion and can implement both paid and organic campaigns.


Build a community and actively engage with your target customers with our contemporary Instagram marketing services. We launch sponsored ads, at the same time creating engaging content that’s shared, liked, and acknowledged by your community.


Our SMO services ensure that your pins are arranged categorically. Our social media marketing agency also determines pin performance through analytics and runs paid campaigns to further solidify a Pinterest marketing campaign.


We can help your business dominate the video search with our up-to-date content and paid promotional practices. At Edify Media, we convince your target visitors to take action by creating videos that resonate with them.


LinkedIn marketing can put your business ahead of the competition. Get advanced LinkedIn marketing services with us. At Edify Media, we expertly manage your LinkedIn company page and build impactful LinkedIn posts to drive more audiences to your profile.


Businesses understand the power of social media and its impact on the world. Because of this fact, they are often looking for a reliable and best social media marketing agency in India. If you’re one of those businesses, then Edify Media can be your ideal company. Why so? Well, here are the reasons that make us one of the best social media marketing companies in Raipur, India:

Dedicated Team

At Edify Media, social strategy development and execution take place in-house. We have dedicated social media experts who can run both paid and organic social campaigns on the platform desired.

Result Oriented Process

We thoroughly understand your requirements and goals, then we understand your business, market, and competition. Only after these steps, we begin with the execution which makes the process target oriented.

Creative Individuals

Social media requires a ton of creativity to attract and build an audience. Our social media agency services professionals have a ton of ideas and always deliver a creative output by devising the best social campaigns

Dynamic & Flexible Services

We’re able to offer dynamic and flexible services. Our holistic social media process is not rigid, it is open to flexibility. We take in suggestions and even change the directions of the campaigns if deemed necessary.


We make an honest effort to keep our clients aware of the activities that we’re carrying out. We also present reports to deliver the results of the campaigns that we build. We offer full transparency with our services.


We've been in the business for 13+ years and have evolved with the changing dynamics of the web. So, we don’t just possess the expertise but also have the experience to manage social campaigns exceptionally.


We don’t develop generic social media campaigns. Instead, we focus on developing personalized social campaigns that are specific to a business’s requirements. We always keep your target audience and goals in mind.

Support & Management

At Edify Media, we provide 24/7 support services to answer the queries of clients. We always keep your social profiles active at all times, constantly stay in the loop with you and look for ways to optimize your social profiles.


Connect with one of our specialists for the best Local SEO service providers in India for a free consultation, Get
More Traffic, More Leads, and Sales today!



SMO Services: Things to Follow and Avoid

Struggling to see results in your social media efforts? Learn the art of effective social media optimization with Edify Media. Our team has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for successful social media campaigns.

Experience the difference at Edify Media – where we not only speak but also practice excellence. Our proven track
record has empowered clients worldwide to find the success on social media. As your reliable SMO company, we
provide top-notch social media solutions to boost brand awareness, engagement, and traffic.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social media apps are now quite popular due to the quick rise in mobile usage. Studies show that mobile usage has risen by more than 70% in the last five years, with billions of users accessing social media platforms via smartphones and tablets. Due to their popularity, a lot of companies have begun advertising their goods and services on social media. Social media marketing is a set of ethical techniques that aid in an account’s growth on social media. So, if you are planning to hire a social media marketing company in India, it’s crucial to gather important information about them like their experience, work process, costs, past results, case studies, client
testimonials and more.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

How Does SMO Services Work?

How Does SMO Services Work?

Why Is Social Media Important?

Why Is Social Media Important?

Who Can Use SMO Services?

Who Can Use SMO Services?

How Much Does SMM Cost?

How Much Does SMM Cost?

Social media marketing is the process of leveraging various social media platforms to promote a business’s products, services, or brand. It involves creating personalized content for each platform to engage users and
drive them toward desired outcomes, whether it’s boosting website traffic, increasing sales, or raising brand awareness.

Social media marketing service has become an essential tool for businesses in today’s highly competitive digital landscape – it allows companies to build relationships with customers while gaining valuable insights into their target audience. This strategy also includes influencer marketing, where brands collaborate with
social media influencers to promote their offerings.

In the era of hyper-connectivity, it’s important to have a strategic approach to engaging potential customers effectively on social media. Compared to other conventional marketing strategies, SMO services are not only cost-effective but also provide higher ROI (Return on investment).

Social media optimization is a powerful tool for businesses or brands looking to improve their online presence and reach out to potential customers. The social media marketing process begins with detailed market research, understanding client goals & objectives, and analyzing the business nature, target audiences, and trends to develop a result-oriented strategy. Understanding client needs and goals is crucial, enabling the creation of a tailored strategy aligned with their specific objectives. Selecting the right social network is essential, as each caters to diverse audiences.

Best social media advertising agency in Raipur, India, proficiently created engaging content, including posts, images, and videos, is tailored to suit each platform. Content is posted or scheduled using various paid tools. Active engagement with users through comments and messages is used to drive website traffic. Paid advertising targets specific demographics, Interests, and behaviors to reach the right audience. Ongoing performance monitoring ensures campaign success and prompts strategy adjustments when necessary.

Social media advertising has become an integral part of our lives. It has the potential to connect people from around the world and provide valuable insights into your customer’s behavior. For businesses, social media management serves as a great platform for marketing and connecting with customers on a personal level.

Having an active presence on social media advertising platforms allows you to reach out to potential customers, build relationships with them, and communicate your brand’s message. It also helps you gain insights into the target audience’s preferences and interests.

An active presence on social media gives the brand a competitive edge as it is a great way to engage with customers and keep them updated about products or services. Social media also helps you build relationships with influencers and let you have a stand-out brand voice to attract more customers.

Edify Media, a top social media marketing agency, is a perfect choice for any business that wants to succeed in today’s digital landscape. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including social media management, that can help you build brand awareness, reach out to target customers, and drive more traffic to your website.

Social media optimization services are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow your presence online or established company that wants to reach out to new customers, SMO experts help you achieve your goals. Social media advertising services are useful for businesses including:

Startups: Social media optimization can help startups spread the word about their product or service and stay ahead of their competitors. Moreover, it can help them build relationships with customers and gain insights into the target audience’s preferences.

Small Businesses: SMO is an essential tool for small businesses looking to reach out to customers and stay competitive in the market. It can help them increase their visibility online and build relationships with customers.

Established Businesses: Established businesses can benefit from social media optimization as it helps them reach out to new customers and gain insights into their target audience. Moreover, it helps them remain relevant in the market and stay ahead of competitors.

The cost of social media marketing services from EZ Rankings depends on the package you choose. Our SMO packages are tailored to meet your needs and budget. We also offer customized social media marketing solutions for businesses that have unique requirements.

The social media pricing also depends on the number of channels you want to target, the type of content you need, and the duration for which the services are required. We have various packages that are cost-effective and suit businesses of all sizes.

Other factors that influence the cost of social media marketing include the number of hours spent on content creation, the level of engagement you want, and the type of strategies you wish to implement.

We provide unparalleled services at competitive prices that are tailored to your needs and budget. Our social media optimization packages start from 45590.99rs per month for the basic plan, 62169.53rs for pro, and 78748.07rs for elite.

Regardless of the package you choose, our social media optimization team will ensure that you get the best results and boost your presence on social media advertising platforms. We understand the importance of having an active presence online and strive to provide you the best results.

Benefits of Edify Media SMO Services

More Awareness

People are active on social media and spend a large chunk of their time on these platforms. Edify Media builds, optimizes, and maintains profiles on the platforms to aware people.

Overall Improved Web Visibility

Social media platforms can largely maximize a business’s presence on the web. Edify Media ensures that your social business profile is  optimized and more visible to potential customers can come.

Improved Social Metrics

With our social media marketing services, better marketing practices are adopted. This helps a business achieve more reach, and engagement which leads to more likes, followers, and comments.

Better Branding

With more reach, a business can positively impact its target audience. Our social media marketing agency sets the business apart from its competitors and set a brand impact.

Dedicated Point Of Contact

At Edify Media, we make it easier for our clients to communicate with us. When running a social campaign from us, we ensure to provide our clients with a dedicated social media expert.

Enhanced Leads and Sales

Our social media marketing company assures that your company gets the benefit. We conduct effective social media practices that affect your bottom line in true nature and help you get more targeted leads and sales.

Check out our SMO Services Packages

Here, you can browse our SMO packages that help to increase your brand’s popularity. We are offering 3 type of packages, Creative Plan | Engagement Plan +|Paid plan. Connect with us and let us help you find a suitable one for your business.


$ 19 99
30GB Monthly Bandwidth
20GB Web Space
2x 500MB Database
2 Hosted Accounts
ePanel Control Panel
24/7 Support


$ 59 99
50GB Monthly Bandwidth
500GB Web Space
3x 500MB Database
5 Hosted Accounts
ePanel Control Panel
24/7 Support


$ 99 99
1TB Monthly Bandwidth
1TB Web Space
4x 500MB Database
10 Hosted Accounts
ePanel Control Panel
24/7 Support

Social media marketing ads campaigns samples

We are confident in our ability to consistently provide exceptional social media ad campaign services and
solutions for your business needs. Review our work sample below:



Our Social Media marketing services in India are a combination of robust and flexible, aiding clients to convincingly market their services and products via social media:

Identify Business Goal

Understand Your Brands

Research Competitors

SMO Content Strategy

Social Media Tools

Analysis and Measurement

Allocate Budget and Resources

Track the Work Progress

We start by setting clear business goals. At Edify Media, the best social media marketing Company in India, we focus on understanding your target audience, their interests, and what they prefer. Then, we create compelling content that truly connects with them. To define these business goals, we use different techniques like competitor analysis and customer surveys.

We also collaborate closely with our clients to identify their short and long-term objectives. During these collaborative sessions, we also analyse what competitors are aiming for, how successful they’ve been, and how we can do even better. This helps us create better content that stands out from the rest and increases visibility online.

The next step involves reviewing your target audience thoroughly. We conduct surveys, build customer personas, and use tools to get an insight into their interests, preferences, and demographics. This valuable Insight helps us in creating efficient strategies to achieve those goals.

We understand your brand’s message, values, and mission. Knowing these helps us create content that reflects the brand’s identity. We also analyze how you can stand out from your competitors and make sure that your presence is distinctive online, with our expertise in social media advertising services. The brand value across channels should be unified to ensure that your message is consistent.

We also create a content calendar to plan and schedule posts, videos, etc, in advance. This helps us make sure that the content is up-to-date and resonates with the target audience. It also keeps us organized so we can focus on other important tasks as well.

We also focus on the storytelling aspect of content. The goal is to create a story around the brand that customers can relate to and follow. This helps us in building an emotional connection with them and ensures that your brand stands out from the rest. Finally, we develop strategies and campaigns to create a unique brand Identity online.

Competitor analysis is among the most complex tasks for SMM services. We spend a lot of time researching our clients’ competitors and analyzing their strategies. This helps us understand what works best and how to improve upon it.

While performing a comprehensive competitor analysis, we consider factors like audience engagement, content quality, etc. This helps us create better strategies and ensure that our clients’ presence online is more effective than their competitors. Effective research on competition brands allows us to create better content and helps our clients reach out to more customers. We can also adjust the strategies according to changing trends in the industry and ensure that our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Our content strategy focuses on creating campaigns that resonate with the target audience. As a best social media optimization company in India, we use various tools and techniques to create compelling content that engages users, generates leads, and drives conversions.

We also ensure that the content is optimized for search engines so that it can reach a wider audience. We use keywords in our posts and titles to get more visibility for the content. We also track the performance of each post to identify what’s working and what can be improved upon.

We understand that social media is all about building relationships with customers and engaging them in meaningful conversations. That’s why we focus on creating content that is relevant with them, encourages interaction, and builds trust.

This helps our clients establish a strong presence online and stay connected to their customers. At Edify Media, we strive to create effective social media optimization campaigns that help our clients reach their desired goals.

In this fast-paced world of digital marketing, it’s important to keep up with the latest tools and trends. We use a variety of social media advertising tools to help our clients get more out of their campaigns.

We leverage analytics tools to monitor performance, identify what’s working and what can be improved upon. We also use various automation tools to save time and ensure that the content is posted on schedule.

Being the best social media marketing agency in Raipur, India, we use a variety of tools to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing. This helps us create campaigns that stand out from the rest and help our clients reach their goals faster. For integrating the power of automation, we use tools like Zapier, IFTTT, and Hootsuite.

At Edify Media SMO Company in India, we strive to provide our clients with the best social media optimization services. We use a combination of modern tools and techniques to help our clients reach more customers and build trust with their audience.

We understand that analysis and measurement are essential for success in SMO services. We track the performance of our campaigns to ensure that they are effective and are reaching the right target audience.

We use various analytical tools to track metrics like reach, likes, comments, shares, etc. This helps us identify what content works best and what can be improved. We also measure the impact of our
campaigns by tracking conversions, leads, and other key metrics.

As an expert social media company in India, we use advanced analytical tools to understand the customer journey and develop effective strategies that are tailored to their needs. This helps us create campaigns that deliver better results and drive more results.

With effective analysis and measurement tactics, we keep improvising our strategies and ensure that our clients get the best returns on their investments. We strive to create results-oriented campaigns that help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

We understand that budget is an important factor for any business. That’s why we as a trusted SMO Company, provide our clients with customized budget plans according to their needs and objectives. We work closely with our clients to map out a suitable SMO plan that fits within the allocated budget and helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

We also keep track of the performance of our campaigns to ensure that the allocated budget is being spent effectively. This helps us optimize the campaigns and get more out of the budget.

Our team works closely with our clients to provide them with a comprehensive social media optimization package within their budget. We strive to create high-impact campaigns that help our clients reach their goals without exceeding the allocated budget. We understand that budgets can change over time, so we provide our clients with flexible plans that can be adjusted according to their social media budget.

We understand the importance of transparency and keeping our clients in the loop. We keep track of all the work progress and provide detailed reports to our clients on a regular basis. We use advanced tools to monitor the performance of our campaigns and track their progress over time. This helps us identify what’s working and what can be improved upon.

Our team is always available to answer any questions that our clients might have. We provide timely updates and keep them informed about the progress of their campaigns. This helps us build trust and develop strong relationships with our clients.

We understand that every business is unique and we strive to provide the best social media optimization services tailored to their needs. Our team takes a data-driven approach and works closely with our clients to create campaigns that deliver the desired results. At Edify media Social media marketing company India, we are committed to helping our clients reach their goals faster.


It’s our process and measures that we take as the best SEO company in Raipur, India that has put us where we are. This is how our well-defined approach for a campaign works:

0 %
Project Requirements
0 %
Social Media Audit
0 %
Market Research
0 %
Social Posting
0 %
Social Media Advertising
0 %
Social Media Management
0 %
Reputation Building
0 %
Tracking & Maintenance

Trusted By Companies

As the top digital marketing company in Raipur, India, we take pride in having served 10,000+ clients in a variety of
industries. We have worked with companies of all sizes, and we are also familiar with the market conditions across a wide range of industries. Our wide knowledge and experience come because of the work we’ve done. Here are some of the major clients we’ve worked with:


Through our services, we’ve developed incredible connections with our clients over the years. We have established ourselves as a digital partner for companies globally through constant communication and cutting edge SEO solutions. This ought to give you a sense of what we’ve delivered for our clients and how they think of us as a digital brand:

Surendra baghel
Surendra baghel
Good advertising service in raipur
sulochanamma k
sulochanamma k
I had a nice experience with edify
Deep Garden
Deep Garden
Edify has been a game-changer for our business. Their personalized approach, in-depth knowledge, and outstanding results make them the best choice for digital marketing. Our website traffic and conversions have soared, and their proactive team ensures we're always ahead of the curve. Highly recommend their services!
Its is not just a service provider; they're a strategic partner in our business's success. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch digital marketing. They've exceeded our expectations at every turn, and I have no doubt they'll do the same for you. Thank you, , for your outstanding work!
Rajendra Patra
Rajendra Patra
Good works👍
Achyuta Nanda Mohanty
Achyuta Nanda Mohanty
Good Social Media Design Good SEO 5star
Best Digital Marketing company of Raipur Chhattisgarh India
RamkumarNag Nag
RamkumarNag Nag
Best Digital marketing agency in Raipur edify media
Tilak Sen
Tilak Sen
Best digital marketing company in Raipur with 360 degree best online marketing services
Riya Tomar
Riya Tomar
We love the work here, my child were happy we will like to do more shoot

Success Story and Reviews

We take pride in having served 10,000+ clients in a variety of industries. We have worked with companies of all
sizes, and we are also familiar with the market conditions across a wide range of industries. Our broad spectrum
of knowledge and experience comes because of the work we’ve done. Here are some of the significant clients
we’ve worked with:

Geneva School of Diplomacy



Lead Growth






Growth in Sales






Growth in Sales




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How to Use Social Media to Market

A marketing strategy cannot be successful without social media, but small business owners who are unfamiliar with the many platforms may find it confusing. Here you will get to know how you can use Social Media to Market. We’ll break it into 5 steps:

  • Research Everything: Dive into some extensive research and make your social media marketing campaign a little smoother. Your target market, what your competitors are doing, and user habits on the specific social media platforms you plan to use, are the three things you should research as much as you can about.


  • Create relevant content regularly: Consistently posting meaningful, engaging content is the key to social media success. This not only makes your company appear dependable but also demonstrates that you have current knowledge to share and that you want to engage your audience in conversation.


  • Prioritize quality over quantity: Instead of posting multiple times per day on as many platforms as possible, concentrate on delivering consistent, high-quality content. For too many low-quality posts, some social media sites may penalize your account and mark you as spam.

Interact with followers: Making a customer feel seen, heard, and understood through social media interactions offers businesses a significant possibility for a high return on investment (ROI). Various forms are like:

  • asking questions about your offerings
  • create a Facebook group for your audience
  •  enhancing communications with emoticons, videos, and GIFs
  • using platform features, such as Instagram Live to begin a discussion


Measure your results: Social media marketing is influenced by a variety of factors, therefore it’s crucial to evaluate and track progress. Measuring your results are practical because it can improve campaign, Set new objectives and Determine tracking metrics.


We consider it a privilege to have provided 360 digital solutions to businesses of all sizes. The outcomes we produce for our clients and the satisfying interactions we have with them will always be our company’s greatest legacy. But we’ve also gathered some industry accolades throughout the years that we’d like you to see:




Digital Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What's the Difference?

Success Story and ReviewsDigital marketing:

Digital marketing is a broad word that refers to the use of online and offline digital marketing strategies to advertise goods and services and boost revenue. SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, eCommerce optimization, email marketing, and Amazon advertising are just a few of the digital marketing tactics. However Social media marketing only makes up a small portion of the whole picture.



Content Writter

Link Building

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing. It uses different social media channels, like Snapchat,
TikTok, and YouTube, to introduce a brand, catch people’s attention, and interact with potential clients and
customers. Social media digital marketing entails working with influential people in the industry, publishing new, original material, and implementing various marketing trends to persuade people to act.





Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Without a plan, you risk overstuffing your social media platforms with pointless information. It’s far too simple to prioritize producing a tonne of material over providing high-quality content. We at Edify Media focus on high-quality content, here are the strategies which we follow

From small and medium-sized firms to large businesses, we assist companies in scaling their social
initiatives. To maintain a higher level of engagement with your target audience and to keep your business
ahead of the competition, we keep our social media marketing tactics straightforward.

It might be difficult to keep up with the social media trends that change quickly. We enable brands to develop enormous success with a committed and enthusiastic clientele with our up-to-date trends.

Regardless of whether your business has a casual, formal, serious, or humorous voice, we can help you connect with your target market. Increasing your user-generated content output can boost your social media success.


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Visit Edify Marketing, A top digital marketing agency in Raipur India committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Our digital experts use the latest digital marketing tools & technologies ensuring that we deliver nothing short of excellence.

Visit Edify Marketing, A top digital marketing agency in Raipur India committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Our digital experts use the latest digital marketing tools & technologies ensuring that we deliver nothing short of excellence.

Visit Edify Marketing, A top digital marketing agency in Raipur India committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Our digital experts use the latest digital marketing tools & technologies ensuring that we deliver nothing short of excellence.

Visit Edify Marketing, A top digital marketing agency in Raipur India committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Our digital experts use the latest digital marketing tools & technologies ensuring that we deliver nothing short of excellence.

Visit Edify Marketing, A top digital marketing agency in Raipur India committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Our digital experts use the latest digital marketing tools & technologies ensuring that we deliver nothing short of excellence.

Visit Edify Marketing, A top digital marketing agency in Raipur India committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. Our digital experts use the latest digital marketing tools & technologies ensuring that we deliver nothing short of excellence.

Discover how we can help your business grow.

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